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Do you remember when you were little and days were passing by easily? Everything seemed so playful, comfortable and cosy? Do you remember these moments you´ve turned around and around not knowing where to look first your eyes getting bigger and bigger? The smell of cotton candy, the sound of bursting bubbles, spinning hula hoops, fairy lights, giants and music, yes there was music, wasn´t it?

How about a sanctuary of those kinda fairytale feelings where you can hide from nowadays hustle and bustle in our modern daily lives? How about entering the B4 playground stretched along the sandy Paje Beach? – White rabbit is calling you!

It was in January 2016 when the owners of nowadays B4 met with Sascha Braemer whilst the latter was on holiday in Zanzibar. During various chats the idea of a bar serving burgers alongside electronic beats firstly originated. With the support of Sascha Braemer´s whatiplay the 1st B4 in Paje opened in August 2016. One year later, in August 2017, the actual B4Beach Club opened its doors at the shores of the beautiful Indian Ocean in Paje Beach just a 50km drive from Zanzibar Airport and Stone Town. Latest in July 2018 we welcomed B4&Beds accommodation as our most recent B4 family member.

Since then we shared tears of joy all down the rabbit hole and want to thank all our friends for creating magical moments at East Africa´s first location dedicated to electronic music!

B4 Beach Club

Open the door and enter another world!

B4 Beds

Niko Schwind, Nicone, Stereo Express or Philip Bader are just a few electronic pirates who already enchanted B4. You may get in touch with their spirit as well whilst residing in one of our 12 bungalows named after them.

B4 Bar

Burgers with a view are served at the B4 Beach Bar right at Paje Beach. Sink down onto our beach beds and wooden furniture and enjoy maybe a “Thänk You” or “The Closer”.

B4 Music

By now all our DJ sets are also available for download via Soundcloud to take the sound of B4 straight to your home as well.

B4 Airborne

Zanzibar and especially Paje Beach is actually the 3rd best spot for Kitesurfing worldwide according recent surveys. The 2nd oldest Kite Centre in Zanzibar itself – Airborne Kite Centre -is just on site at B4.

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